"Upside Down and Backwards"
by Annette Rawlings

“I’m fortunate to know Annette Rawlings as an artist, friend,
and an enthusiastic collector of her delightfully imaginative paintings.
Now her new biographical book explains how a seriously lived life
can be instrumental in creating art that is both lighthearted and serious.
Annette’s life story was marred by significant heartaches, yet she is able
to create art that inspires and is uplifting. Her art is done with simplicity
and feeling, which is also how she writes. The book combines her life
story with examples of her whimsical and visionary art. Annette’s
art makes me smile. Her new book will touch your heart.”

-Alan Dietz
an original Madison Avenue “Mad Man” for 30 years,
and creator of worldwide ad campaigns that were successful
while also making people smile