Aqua Marine

"Aqua Marine"
20 carats, flawless


Ruby Earrings

14K white gold
2 carats in rubies
0.17 carats in diamonds


3 Color Earrings


14K yellow, white, rose gold over platinum with silver


Eqypttian Coin Pendant, Authentic

14K yellow gold prongs


Square Ring

14K yellow gold, diamond


Diamond Earrings, Flawless


2 carats in diamonds, 14K white gold


Gold Coin Earrings


14K yellow gold


Roman Coin Ring, Authentic


Platinum with silver


Standing Figure Earrings


earrings in sterling silver with green enamel, 1 1/2", Hand-made.
Can be ordered in sterling silver or gold with any color enamel.



Dream Series Necklace

sterling silver and enamel necklace
1" Wide with a 17" sterling silver chain
available in any three colors



Siberian Amethyst

24 carats, diamonds, 14K yellow gold



Figurine Pendant

Figure with gold coin, 1 1/8", 14K gold



Spessartite Garnet

7.55 carats, diamonds, 14K yellow gold



Egyptian Peridot

Rare in color and origin, one of a kind
6.45 carats, 4 diamonds, 14K Rose Gold



Golden Sapphire

6.89 carats, diamonds, 14K yellow gold



Lapis Lazuli

Vermille (14K gold over sterling silver) Pendant



Reclining Figure

14K white, rose, yellow gold, stack rings



Rubellite Tourmaline


5.85 carats, diamonds, 14K yellow gold



Reclining Figure in 14K gold

platinum ring, with gold or any stone accents