Annette Rawlings

Education and Training

B.A. University of Miami, Art History; Graduate classes in studio painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture.

Four years private study in drawing and painting with Roberto Martinez (studied with Marino Marini). One year of art restoration and painting in Heidleberg, Germany. One year painting (fresco, tempera, Renaissance underpainting and color formulations, with special reference to Perugino) and Etruscan methods of vessel making and lost wax jewelry casting at Escoula de Estraneira, Perugia, Italy. Glass making in Venice, Italy. One year ceramic and fibre study in Mexico and British Honduras. Two years private study in the chemistry of color formulation. Consulted two years full-time with DuPont Company in New York City, creating my own line of ready to wear Artwear and formulating and overseeing color charts used for DuPont's complete line of fabric charts. One year "Masters Papermaking Workshops" with Auralia Munez, Spain, Exxon grant.

Solo Exhibitions

2001 CENTRE CULTUREL CHRISTIANE PEUGEOT, Paris, France. 1991 MUSEE D'ART MODERNE DE LA COMMANDERIE D'UNET, Tonneins, Bordeaux, France. 1989 "Art in Motion" a multi-media art event, hosted by Town & Country Magazine, MIAMI ART MUSEUM previously known as CENTER FOR THE FINE ARTS, Miami, Florida. 1987 GALLERY 841, Miami, Florida. 1986 MANDRAGORE INTERNATIONALE GALERIE D'ART, Paris, France. 1986 CENTER INTERNATIONALE D'ART CONTEMPORAIN, Paris, France. 1986 "Le Collage" and "Collage of 64", performing arts project involving art, drama, music, film, fashion, and cuisine. 1985 METROPOLIS GALERIE INTERNATIONALE D'ART, Geneva, Switzerland. 1983 "The Dinner Party", a performing arts project involving oil paintings, hand-painted plates, stem ware, artwear, and jewelry, RAIMONDO'S, Miami, Florida. 1981 UNION STREET GALLERY, San Francisco, California. 1981 WESTERN ASSOCIATION OF ART MUSEUMS ROGUE GALLERY OF ART, Medford, Oregon. 1977 VIRGINIA MILLER CALLERIES, Miami, Florida. 1976 YELLOW-PLUSH GALLERY, London, England. 1974-1975 "Prints and Fibres" with lectures and television appearances, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Honolulu, and Mexico. 1972 GROVE GROUP GALLERY, Miami, Florida. 1972 GALLERY 5, Miami, Florida.

Group Exhibitions

1992 MUSEE D'ART MODERNE DE LA COMMANDERIE D'UNET, Tonneins, Bordeaux, France. 1991 "Faber Birren Color Award Show" Juror Laura Rosenstock, Curator, MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, Stamford Art Association, Connecticut. 1991 "Figures and Space" ARIEL GALLERY, Soho, New York. 1990 "Grand Prix De Paris International 1990" MUSEE D'ART MODERNE DE LA COMMANDERIE D'UNET, Tonneins, Bordeaux, France. 1990 "Approaches to the Figure" ARIEL GALLERY, New York, New York. 1989 "The Three Americas" LUXEMBOURG MUSEUM, Paris, France. 1988 ARIEL GALLERY, Soho, New York. 1988 CENTRE CULTUREL PAUL DUMAIL, Bordeaux, France. 1987 "Masters Handmade Paper Exhibition" METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, Coral Gables, Florida. 1987 CENTRE FOR THE ARTS, Vero Beach, Florida. 1984 "Paris Expo" CENTRE INTERNATIONAL D'ART CONTEMPORIAN, Paris, France. 1984 BIRMINGHAM MUSEUM OF ART, Birmingham, Alabama. 1984 CAMINO REAL GALLERY, Boca Raton, Florida. 1984 ART AND CULTURE CENTER, Hollywood, Florida. 1979 VIRGINIA MILLER GALLERIES, Miami, Florida. 1972 "Florida Artists/ New" LOWE MUSEUM, Miami, Florida.

Honors and Awards

1992 First Place for painting, MUSEE D'ART MODERNE DE LA COMMANDERE D'UNET, Tonneins, Bordeaux, France. 1991 First Place for creativity, MUSEE D'ART MODERNE DE LA COMMANDERIE D'UNET, Tonneins, Bordeaux, France. 1991 National Competition "Faber Birren Color Award Show", Juror Laura Rosenstock, Curator, MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, Stamford Art Association, Connecticut. 1990 First Place for painting, LA SORBONNE, France. 1988 First Place for abstract painting, CENTRE CULTURAL PAUL DUMAIL, Paris, France. 1985 Judges Mention d'Honneur, METROPOLIS GALERE INTERNATIONALE D'ART, Geneve, Switzerland. 1984 First Place painting, CENTRE INTERNATIONALE D'ART CONTEMPORIAN, Paris, France.

Biographical Listings

1991 Prestige de la Peinture et de la Sculpture d'Aujourdhui dans le Monde, Les Editions Arts et Images due Monde. 1991 200 Notable American Women, ABI 1st Edition. 1990 The New York Art Review: An Illustrated Survey of the City's Museums, Galleries, and Leading Artists, American References. 1990 American Artist's: An Illustrated Survey of Leading Contemporaries, American Refernces. 1988 Who's Who in Society, ABI. 1987 Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century, 1st Edition, World Distribution, IBC Publication. 1987 Biography International: A Memorial Document on Men and Women of Achievement and Distinction, Delhi, India. 1985/1986 The Worls Who's Who of Women, Edition of Biographies, Cambridge, England. 1985/1986 Contributions to the Arts, Volume 13. 1985/1986 International Book of Honor, 2nd World Edition. 1985/1986 International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, 1st Edition. 1985 Who's Who in America, 43rd Edition. 1985 Distinguished Achievement in the Arts, 2nd Edition. 1984/1985 Who's Who in the South and Southwest, 19th Edition. 1981 American Artists of Renown.


International Herald Tribune: "Large, almost totally abstract female nudes in simple shapes and vivid colors poised like an undulating landscape." Laurent Charles Alfred, Director, MANDRAGORE INTERNATIONAL GALERIE D'ART, Paris, France: "In her work, I rediscovered the taste for rigor and sincerity that I am looking for." La Cote Des Arts: "A. Rawlings investigates geometric paintings consisting of purposeful spatial concepts and the extension of the individual figure. An outstanding calculation of flowing line and colors that stretch out into the décor, creating diverse spatial experimentations." Artspeak: "The figure paintings of Annette Rawlings employ the vocabulary of hardedge abstraction to create strong spatial statements. Her figures are defined by a sharp sinuous line, literally flow into the surrounding space, creating a brand new relationship between image and ground." New York, New York. Art manual distributed in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA, and Belgium, Visages du xxeme siecle No. 71: "Rawlings paints with rare elegance, strong intimate scenes with stylized forms and structured color. She suggests figures with the minimum of details." Paris, France.

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